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Competitors and their horses are to complete a pattern before one judge. The pattern is designed to display the horse’s athleticism, ability and trainability whilst exhibiting the rider’s horsemanship.  Horse and rider will be judged on precision, presentation and overall impression.


Competitors will need to complete the stockhandling course with their pack horse in hand.  Competitors will be required to move 3 beasts around a set of obstacles within a set time.  Using a horse to pack, competitors must ensure that the bags are evenly packed & balanced before leading the packhorse though a set course of obstacles & finish by unpacking & unsaddling the packhorse.


Open & Lady competitors are to competently & neatly shoe one hind hoof & one front hoof while junior competitors are to prepare one front & one hind hoof for shoeing as well as shape a hind shoe.


Competitors will attempt to clearly cut targets with a stock whip & negotiate the course within a set time limit. Competitors are then required to complete a whipcrack freestyle.


Riding bareback, competitors are to complete, in a set time, a course designed to demonstrate maximum skill, control & manoeuvrability of their horse concluding with a freestyle section performance.


Riding in the same stock saddle used throughout the weekend, competitors are to complete a set course of jumps, as close to an optimum time as possible before undergoing a vet check to assess heart rates & overall fitness.

(Ages 9-14 years)

The Striplings Challenge is a great opportunity for the younger generation to get involved in our great sport and show case their skills.

Competitors will complete 5 tasks; Dry Work Pattern, Whip Crack, Cow Cut Out, Bareback and Cross Country. The courses are designed to challenge the older competitors but also allow the younger riders to have a go.

Points will be awarded for completion of each task on first attempt in the Striplings Challenge. Points will be collated and the 5 highest overall scores will be deemed to be the top 5 competitors. The top 5 will be required to complete a Time Trial Final in the main arena on Sunday and the overall winner will be announced.


This event is full of encouragement, fun and the kids love it!

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